Not many things rhyme with Steichen…

I stumbled across the work of Edward Steichen a little while ago, I think while looking for images for a 30’s wave hairstyle…Anyway, I was struck by incredibly lighting and mood of his photography, as well as the way he captured the stunning beauty and strength of his subjects. I have done a bit of reading on him and it seems that he was a pretty big deal at the turn of the century, in terms of getting photography recognised as an art form, and making waves in fashion photography. But, truth be told, I havn’t done that much reading, and I don’t trust Wikipedia as a reputable source, so all I’m going to say is that his work, most of which was done in the early part of the twentieth century, remains strong and fresh today. His ability to capture a mood in monochrome is inspiring. And LOOOOOOOONG before the days of unlimited digital frames, he absolutely NAILS the composition, as well as the character of his subjects. Or perhaps he’s projecting his own character?

Norma Shearer by Edward Steichen
Edward Steichen
Edward Steichen

This image is SOOOOO amazing!! And the next one too!

Edward Steichen
Edward Steichen

I ADORE this!

Edward Steichen
Edward Steichen
Edward Steichen

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Apologies for the different size photos, I dunno how to make them all the same size!!!



5 thoughts on “Not many things rhyme with Steichen…

  1. I’m reading a book about Lee Miller at the moment, who worked with Steichen on Vogue during the 30’s. As soon as I saw those pics, I thought ‘so THAT’S what Lee Miller was talking about’!

  2. It needs to be pointed out that the portrait you have labeled as Edward Steichen is in fact Alfred Steiglitz. The confusion is one that some make because of the near spelling of the name and the fact that they were contemporaries and knew each other. You also may have some facts confused. Alfred Steiglitz (married to Georgia O’Keefe) was the one who was influential in the art world at the beginning of the century, he brought modern art to North America and showed photographic works in his galleries along side painting and sculpture. This led to the acceptance of photography as art (Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Edward Steichen, Imogene Cunningham, Paul Strand etc.). Edward Steichen was a portraitist and fashion photographer who made stunning images, as you have discovered, and later went on to lead up the Naval photography section during WWII.

    1. thanks for pointing out the mis-identification. if you read the post you will see that the point i made was about the relevance of his images today and not about who was responsible for what at the turn of the century. I have a post on Steiglitz in the pipeline, so check back if you want to check my facts on that one also.

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