I like shirts, ok. And maybe Penneys too. But shh.

The other day I picked up a couple of tops in Penneys. I KEEP promising myself to stop buying into fast fashion, but I keep doing it. I have thought about it loads though, and I always come up with different justifications. But I can never seem to keep my word. I KNOW all the reasons why I shouldn’t do it, but even with my armory of knowledge,  I can’t see to stick to my ethical, pro-designer guns. Here’s how I try to make myself feel better when I am leaving with a bag full of goodies and a heart full of guilt:

1) I ONLY BUY DECENT FABRICS – I imagine half my wardrobe is probably Penneys, with the other half being nice stuff/vintage. If I were to go through the sea of Penney’s clothes that I have though, I’d be hard pressed to find much polyester. I purposely only buy the good-ish stuff, the natural fabrics, the better quality prints, and as a result, the stuff LASTS LONGER.

2) I AM NOT PRECIOUS ABOUT CLOTHES – Basically, I wear my expensive things in the same way I wear my cheaper things. So, I will keep my cheap things for as long (so long as they last that long – see point 1) as my expensive things. If I like something, I’ll wear it over and over, for ages.

3) I’M NOT PAYING ABOVE THE ODDS – I am a serial bargain hunter. And often, the stuff in Penney’s is as least as good quality as the stuff in more expensive high street stores. So, you tell me…..Spend 60eu on a top or spend 13eu on the same-ish top, in the same fabric? Same for shoes, and sometimes, dresses.

4) SOMETIMES A GIRL JUST NEEDS NEW STUFF – ok so this is the weakest argument, but it has the strongest effect on me. Sometimes girls just want new stuff (yes, in this case want and need are interchangeable). It’s one part culture of materialism, with old consumer habits dying hard. It’s one part keeping up with society, which is a healthy thing, signifying that you are not some crazy backwards outsider intent on destroying everything. It is also one part nature, which has been going on since mitosis began. Every creature who needs to find a mate has a natural desire to show off their prettiest feathers. And humans buy our feathers instead of growing them. So, every so often, I need to answer my primal calls, and head to Penneys, where I sate my desire to be a valid, modern member of society. Who looks good. Mostly the looking good part, if we are honest.

Well. Now. The lady doeth protest too much? Perhaps. Anyway. I bought a really lovely shirt and lazer cut tshirt. Although, as if nature was annoyed with me, two of the buttons instantly fell off the shirt. But no matter. It is delicious. In a lovely sienna-y colour, that will do me all the way through to next winter. I have wanted to start colour blocking with my outfits in a more vibrant way, to get away from black on black. I think this shirt might help me get there. For example, I have an amazing pair of aubergine velvet Laura Ashley trousers that I almost never wear, until now! I need to take the trousers in slightly though, they are tailored at the thigh, but about a size or two too big, making my thighs look even bigger than they are, sigh.

Also, my lovely shirt has a wonderful floaty shape, which dips at the back. I got a size 20, so it is SUPER oversize, giving maximum volume and a bit of extra length (good for my weirdly long back!!!). So, I guess I love it! Penney’s or not!

shirt & necklace – Penneys, trousers & shoes – vintage

*In my defense – and I have thought about this a lot – I am not someone who cares about labels for the sake of the label. I am a genuine fan of design, quality and craftsmanship, so when I say expensive things, I mean the things that are expensive because they are so fucking beautiful, ok. See: Givenchy, Balmain, Balenciaga, Celine, Chloe, Moschino, Burberry, etc.

Hope everyone had a super St. Patrick’s day. I drank free whiskey in the Mansion House. Thanks Jameson! 🙂



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