Sunday Funday

It’s been ages since I had a proper music post. and today in typical procrastination fashion I listened to SHIT loads of new stuff. Well, by new stuff I mean mostly old stuff that I either didn’t know the names of or never bothered chasing down.  I would like to share some with you.

Sister Nancy’s Bam Bam is probably one of the most recognisable reggae songs around, although I never really knew the name…thank you google machine.

this isn’t old. one of my friends bigged them up the other day and I am enjoying their tunes.

WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! IT’S AMAZING. I watched Spike Jones’s film Bamboozled there recently, and this kinda reminded me of some of the scenes. Some serious musical history, and pretty amazing blues music.

and finally

Big Maybelle….is a legend. And a VOICE. So evocative. A true inspiration, when you think of all the shit that she would have had to put up with in 1958.

Ok last last one….My favourite band. Ever. I know it’s not cool or whatever, but I LOVE them. Especially the bluesy stuff from the beginning, even if it’s all covers, their sound really suits it. And Mr. Jagger’s not bad to look at, is he…..

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday!



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