It’s Virtually Fashion Week?

So while the international fash pack are taking stock of the madness that is fashion month, eBay have decided to do something a little closer to home. As in, actually in your home, on your computer, via live stream. They are hosting Ireland’s first Online Fashion Week. Wha, you say??? Well, basically, they have gotten together a host of very talented Irish fashion folk, and are streaming live, interactive talks every day next week at 1pm. They are encouraging people to interact via Twitter and Facebook, to submit questions for Eilis Boyle, Angela Scanlon, Aisling Farinella, Constance Harris and Kellie Dalton to answer.

I am really excited to be going to the talk with Eilis Boyle, but I will be tuning in to the others, as it is sure to be an interesting experiment. I styled a shoot for eBay & the Sunday Independent during the summer, under the mentorship of the very talented Andreas Petersson, so I have a soft spot for eBay and the ways in which they promote and nurture creative talent. Not to mention their ability to simultaneously fill my wardrobe full of amazing things and (totally self inflicted) drain my bank balance!! But the talent thing….I like how a MASSIVE global brand are doing things on a local level, raising awareness of the huge wealth of talent that exists within our small island.

So, stay tuned til  Monday, and then check out the the facebook page for the talks. Hopefully I can sneak a few pics, and remember interesting things to report back. But in the meantime, check out Eilis Boyle’s beautiful garments. Makes you proud to be Irish.

Eilis Boyle
Eilis Boyle

Eilis Boyle
Eilis Boyle

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