Sunday Funday #2

This week has been mad and they are only going to get madder for the next while. The following has been keeping me sane over the past 7 days:

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

Saw it for the first time last night….AMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAZING film. Robert Redford was fierce ridey back in the day. And Paul Newman was quite the looker too. The best bromance film of all time? It has been said. And it just oooozes style. Am I gushing? You know it.



Just literally discovered them this week. Really lovely guitar-y musics from a bunch of lads from Wicklow.

image via


Gil Scott Heron x Jamie XX

I was really late on The XX bandwagon. Well, not late, I guess I just didn’t really jump on it fully. But this really is the shit, dubby and delicious. Also, for years I thought Gil was pronounced Jill, like the girl and not gill as in fish… embarrassing.



I went to London on Tuesday, just for the day. *NOTE: two ryanair flights in 16 hours is the modern equivalent of actual hell* I decided on the way that I wanted to buy a hat, as my favourite pork pie was robbed on a night out recently….the high street is awash with crappy straw dealies, so I didn’t buy one, but through the wonders of the internet, I am going to replace my little beaut….

image via


Tom.Ford.Black.Orchid. Giant Bottle. Win. I love the smell of my own perfume a little bit too much. But I’m fine with that.

Perfume Genius

Keeping on a perfume vein, another new music find for this week. Love love love it/him. Maybe you will too.

image via

Hope everyone had a sunny Sunday, with an hour of added sun (the grumpy part of me is a little bitter that I was robbed of an hour of sleep tho….). I figured out how to embed tracks without resorting to YouTube, are you proud of me?!! Don’t be, it was really easy, I have been stoopid all along…..



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