Yesterday evening, I organised a rummage sale in aid of my degree show catalogue, with lots of help from some of my amazing classmates. I have done a few sales in various venues in the last while, and the amount I enjoy them hints at a possible future career working on a stall, flogging shit…….. :/

Anyway, I do enjoy them, as I love to see things I am ready to let go of get a new lease of life. For example, an amaaaazing dress that I had worn to various 80’s themed nights, but I was never going to wear again. A lovely girl bought it for the Trinity Ball, and she was only delirah. At 15quid for a Trinity Ball dress, so would I….

I don’t want to get all deep and meaningful but I guess I have become really into doing things like this as a way of recycling fashion, and trying to do my bit to help create a more sustainable and ethical way of consuming fashion. Rummage sales & swap shops have a million reasons why they are ethical and environmental and all those words we shy away from, but they work, because ultimately we can buy great, well kept clothes that fit our aesthetic at cheap ass prices. I also find it interesting to see how people take styles up at different times (for example my AmAppy jersey mini skirts flew out, even though I havn’t worn one in over a year – am I missing something?!!!), and have different takes on how to wear the same piece.

So big thanks to everyone who came down and supported the cause, and bought cheapy cheap clothes. I personally got two lovely tops (and yes I paid for them ;P), that I can’t wait to style with things. Here are a few lil snaps I took of the evening. Speaking of snaps, I have been intermittently keeping my New Year’s Resolution of doing a visual diary, and you can find it on


Oh, and stay tuned for further events like this. I have a few lil plans in the pipeline, which will be revealed in due course!


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