Two mighty big ladies. Aka Sunday Funday #3

I’ve been slowly losing my mind the past few weeks with college work. Yesterday I was faaaar too hungover to post, but today I have been listening to two amazing women that I really just want to share with you. So, Sunday Funday, a day late. Here goes

1) Big Mama Thornton

Ok. So you know Elvis, right? Yea, well basically he, ahem, covered, Big Mama’s lil track, you might have heard it…Hound Dog, it’s called. Without getting all politikal and shizzz, that shit happened LOADS at that time, where the original artist was black and often remained uncredited after a white, “cleaner” (in sound) musician tamed it down and sold it to the masses. Well, anyway, Big Mama has a VOICE. it’s IMMENSE. I really don’t know why she’s not as famous as Aretha, because her music has some serious soul. Perhaps it was just a tad too bluesy. But it just so happens that’s exactly how I like my soul……White girl got the blues…..what of it, right?

2) Big Maybelle.

Like I said, two big ladies. Big Mama, Big Maybelle. Anyhooo. I have already told you about Big Maybelle, as I love her loads. Her brand of soul is more jazzy than Big Mama’s, but her voice is equally epic. Again, I really don’t understand why this amazing woman isn’t more famous, because she undoubtedly deserves it. Although, maybe I am happy that she’s not as big, because so much amazing soul music has been rendered cheesy through overplay, and being used in STUPID FUCKING ADS, and films, and all sorts of wedding dj crap. So, actually, yea, I am really happy she’s still untarnished and pure soul music.

3) Requiem for a dream

I watched this hungover yesterday. BAD MOVE. Jared Leto. Yes. Everything else in the film. No. It is incredible, get under your skin give you horrible nightmares for weeks stuff. I don’t think I’ve been so rattled by a film since A Clockwork Orange. The way it just gets slightly worse and worse, so you are almost lulled into…..BAM!!! foooooooooooooook. It’s intense. Also, why does Jared Leto take roles where they mutilate him? Fight Club? This? And now he’s in a band. Well then.

4) Swapshop

It’s good to get out, even when you are organising the night. I’ve already blogged about the rummage sale, but this is what I bought on the night, an oversize stripey tee. I like it lots.

5) Mates

I would literally be batshit crazy by now if it weren’t for my unbelievable mates. This week got to talk to a few of them that I havn’t spoken to in a while, and that was lovely. So here’s to being finished this degree and hanging out with them again. SILLY PARTY all the way through the summer πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Two mighty big ladies. Aka Sunday Funday #3

  1. Interesting article. I really like Requiem for a dream and A clockwork orange is also one of my favorite movies. Like your good taste πŸ™‚

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