Forever 21? In my dreams….

For the uninitiated, Forever 21 used to be a secret, transatlantic high street store that noone else shopped in. Before the GIANT Jervis street flagship, having an F21 dress meant that you had been to the States. And so, despite the fact that the stuff is practically Penneys prices, there was a certain exclusivity that elevated it over and above your run of the mill H&M’s and Topshops. You were almost guaranteed noone would have the same dress, which is the ultimate win (imagine having a high street dress you know noone else will have!). So, when it opened here, that exclusivity was gone and part of the appeal went with it.

*Not really related point*

Also, and I don’t know how many people will relate to this, but I have a tendency to “stock up” on clothes when I’m away, as I generally have saved money to spend, whereas in real life I am always skint and tend to shop on a very infrequent, ad hoc basis. It’s much, much harder to justify a shopping spree in real life compared to when you are on holiday, when there is foreign value and exchange rates to be taken advantage of….RIGHT?!

*end of unrelated point*

Anyway, the reason I am telling you all this is because I went to the Forever 21 press day on Wednesday, curious to see what they had on offer for the summer. I don’t know why, but before Wednesday, I had been looking at F21 as a separate entity, refusing to marry it into my vernacular of high street stores. It was this other, different thing, the holy grail of cheap dresses that had been denigrated by setting up on Henry Street. Turns out, I was being a sap.

Their offering was considered, they seem to have their trend directions bang on, with some really strong pieces, some really great detailing & fabrics, all with liiiitllle mini prices. I am a demon nazi when it comes to natural fabrics, and they had some great silks, cottons and linens, and even their synthetics and polycottons (half & halfs) were a really good quality.


The Jil Sander inspired colour blocking story, replete with acid brights and sportswear inspired cuts. (fave piece = navy silk parachute pants)

Their utility chic story -more menswear inspired than androgenous- brimming with denim and khaki to be mixed with black or navy at your own discretion. (fave piece = slightly oversize denim shirt cut juuuust right)

The ’70’s tribal hippy collection had some fun prints and paperfine knit tops to see you through the summer (fave piece = super loose tye dye tshirt)

So what have we learned this week?

1. Forever 21 is just another high street store, in a good way.  As in, it’s a great place to add to your repetoire of stores to pick up affordable pieces.

2. Wouldn’t it be great if I could get in holiday shopping mode, in Dublin.

3. I need to stop forgetting my decent camera when I go to press days. :/

Utility Chic at F21
70's tribal at F21
Image courtesy of Forever 21
Image courtesy of Forever 21

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