Sunday Funday #4

It has been a fairly CRAPPY week, but there are only like 5 more and I am FINISHED college. Can’t wait at this stage. So, bear with me while I get through this and I promise I will be a better blogger soon!!!

Here’s what kept me sane this week:

1) Lykke Li

I only realised I liked her yesterday. The reason I figured this out was because I was djing after her gig in Tripod last night, so I went along to see it. She’s a little rocket of deadly. What.a.voice. Really good gig. So, that was nice. Turns out I know loads of her music too, just from listening to the radio in a really passive way. I’d love to know how many bands I know without knowing their names. Hmmmmm, I smell a summer challenge in there somewhere…….

Bob’s Burgers

Check it out on 4od. it’s wonderfully weird.

Bob's Burgers

3) Comfortable Clothes

Looking nice has pretty much gone out of the window, and I have adopted a uniform of shirts and whatever skirt/shorts/jeans are clean/least covered in paint & dye.

Cynthia Rowley Resort 11
Rag & Bone Resort 11
Thakoon Resort 11
Preen Resort 11

Obvs, I look nothing like any of the above, who are infinity more composed/better looking than I. But you get where I’m coming from. Easy, slouch pieces to do deadly work in…..well, that’s the plan, anyway.

4) Coffee, cigarettes, friends.

That is all.



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