Sunday Funday #5

Can’t actually believe it’s Sunday again. This week has FLOWN. Eek.  Sunshine has made me a marginally nicer person tho, which is good. Here’s what got me through the last 7 days.

1) Marley Park

After threatening to go for a walk for the past age with Jules, yesterday we finally made it to Marley Park. And it was sunny. And we got icecreams. And a coffee. All of these things made me very happy. The shaky bridge is gone though, which made me really sad. And then angry, when I found out it was for “health and safety” reasons? What the actual fuck like? Just how stupid have people gotten. Also, they moved a perfectly good playground to where the BMX track used to be, so now there is no BMX track, and a crappy, closed off corner where the old playground was. Great planning there. Was thinking they should put a skate park or something instead of the bunch of rubble. If I was a better person, I would write a strongly worded letter to someone, on behalf of the yoof.

Here is what I wore. Oh yea, we climbed on stuff loads. It was fun.

2) Easter Eggs

Need I say any more? My thighs aren’t so happy about it, but I’m in charge, so chocolate it is 😉

3) Sunshine

So much sunshine. I even got a lil burned the other day. I was a lil lobster. A lil lobster you say? Well, ok then.

Happy (Easter) Sunday, eat chocolate til you vom. Not in an eating disorder way tho.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Funday #5

  1. I used to love the old playground at Marley. Twas my very fav. I used to set up house in the massive shoe and boss ppl round for hours. Those were the days…

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