The Cavalry Are Coming…

So I am a very bad blogger at the moment, and finally help is on the way. No, I still have to do dreaded finals, but I am getting a few beautiful fellow bloggers to do a couple of guest posts for me! Woop. I am happy. Now I’m going to stop saying words, and show you what I wore on Easter Sunday.



The reason it’s like this is because I posted it to Lookbook (lame I know, but hey, let he without tumblr cast the first stone), and I am too lazy (ahem, I mean I am far too busy) to go back and change the pics again…..

Speaking of cavalry, what did we think of the royal wedding? Didn’t Kate look great? I also love the significance of choosing McQueen/Sarah Burton over a nicer, softer label. But these are thoughts that I will think about another day. xx


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