Guest Post #1 – The Licentiate

Seeing as my brain is total mush given that I am ONE WEEK away from my final show & assessment, I decided we would all be happier if I kept quiet until I can string a sentence together. SO, instead, the lovely lovely Sarah from The Licentiate has very kindly put together a lil summer wishlist for your reading pleasure. So, all together now, THANKS SARAH. 


Usually, when the weather gets warm, people will take any excuse to whip their tops off and frolic around the park – or just sit on a bench and read a paperback, whatever floats their boat.

For some reason, I assume that every summer will be my summer of skill-building and come September, I’ll be a WHOLE NEW PERSON with a new ability to run five miles/build a shed/cook five courses for twelve, including a difficult souffle.  Some summers have been more productive than others.  Am I the only person who does this?  It’s a bit like New Years Resolutions, just six months too late (or early, depending on how you look at it).

This year I outdid myself and bought a sewing machine.  I hate the word ‘crafty’ because it smacks of amateurishness, but then again, I’m a total amateur – who am I to deny my birthright?  This summer will be the summer of being crafty.  Not crafty like a fox, but crafty in the ‘making things’ sense.

Here’s my summer wish list

1)  A floral tea-dress with a cute collar, nipped in waist and pockets.  Gotta have pockets.

2) This curb chain bracelet, braided with embroidery thread.

3) Learn how to paint my nails like this.

4) Or like this.

5) And when I fail to finish option 1 above, buy this dress.

6) And sit in the park reading this paperback.


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