Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger.

Better Fashion week is happening next week, and I am raging that I will have to miss the talks, as they are sure to be incredible. However, if you are around Dublin, I highly recommend that you try to get to at least one of the events. Taking part are a bunch of really successful Irish designers, such as Una Burke, Simone Rocha, Eilis Boyle, Joanne Hynes, as well as Ireland’s leading stylists, photographers, editors, journalists, PR’s and more. All spearheaded by the indomitable force that is Redress, who are a truly wonderful organisation spearheading the charge for sustainable fashion in Ireland.

I cannot stress how good this is going to be, so if you are around, seriously, GO! You will thank me. I promise you. Fast fashion is something we all need to address, and we need to start taking responsibility for our behaviour and buying patterns. These guys will show you that making better choices can be just as fun and rewarding as binging on throwaway garments.

Tickets and more information available from their website, here.

Una Burke
Una Burke
Eilis Boyle

Simone Rocha


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