Forbidden Fruit Weekend

So today was the first day that I have had since finishing college where I have had no work to do….and by work I mean going to a deadly festival (Forbidden Fruit), and sorting stuff out for said deadly festival. It feels WEIRD! But you don’t care about my post-college anxiety, so let’s talk about Forbidden Fruit…I was organising a fashion event for the festival, which involved getting a bunch of fellow fashion and textile students, and some recycled paper, and getting them to make stuff. Here are some of the results. It was a really fun two days, with amazing music from the likes of Wild Beasts (the theme of the fashion challenge), Beardyman (easily one of my highlights), Kormac’s Big Band (I Heart Kormac), Cariobou (who made the sun come out), Spank Rock, Battles (who didn’t play Atlas, but they were still ace), and The Flaming Lips. Who kept calling the crowd motherfuckers, but anyway…

Here’s what I managed to capture on my phone….NEED to stop forgetting a decent camera at things like this!

team WINNING!! 🙂

As you may have guessed Saturday’s competition was outdoors due to good weather, and Sunday was indoors due to Irish weather…hence the terrible light & blurriness. But you get the idea anyway, amazing things were done with paper, some sellotape and a can-do attitude! Paper couture/Wearable art/unwearable fashion, whichever you please. It was great to see people engaging with the event, and coming up and talking to the teams, asking them about what they were making. Even though it was a festival, people were genuinely interested, and seemed to enjoy the whole thing. Which made having to go up to IMMA on Monday to collect everything much easier, despite my somewhat delicate constitution (ahem) !

Today feels like a Sunday. That is all. Well, apart from this. I tried to find a recording of Beardyman doing My Lovely Horse, which he did with aplomb on Saturday. I couldn’t find a decent video, so here’s another one I like a lot. Also, he’s a bit of a dreamboat. I did not know that til this weekend. This is what I get for hanging out with boys who listen to him for his music. PAH!










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