Day 2 – The Shirt….And Day 3, oops….

What makes a “Favourite” shirt? Is it the one you have had fondest memories in? Or the one that looks best on you? Does one lead to the other?! Is your favourite actually that one from yeeeeaaarrrrrsss ago, that you don’t wear really anymore but just looking at it brings back a warm fuzzy feeling. Emotional attachments to clothes aside though, picking a favourite anything is difficult. Perhaps it’s just because I am hopelessly indecisive, but I find it very difficult to pick one thing whose characteristics are head and shoulders above the rest. With my shirts for example, while one might have better shoulders, the other might have a better drape, and yet another the best collar. Also, does the person who wrote the challenge mean “shirt” as in the American way of saying it, basically meaning all tops, in which case I am well and truly up the swanny!! AAAAH!

So for today, I need to show you my favourite shirt. So, do we talk about my trusty favourite, the ubiquitous denim? Or my true fav, the sheer blouse? I currently own 6 sheer blouses. Which might seem excessive, but when you break it down by colour, shape and texture, it’s really not, ok?!!

For me, shirts serve a funny purpose in my wardrobe. I use my sheer ones as a way of being…well, covered but not covered. I like the notion of having a full shape around you, but it being sheer, so really it’s not so much a blanket or a cover. Perhaps it’s a look but don’t touch message, as opposed to just having bare skin, but I’m on the verge of getting very deep here, and that could get lengthy. My denim shirts and oversize dress shirts (I have four tuxedo shirts…I have a problem) are throwovers, things to pull on over an outfit. I wish I was better at integrating middle layers into outfit plans, but alas….I’m not. Either way, my denim shirts are functional, and comfortable, which make me a more functional and comfortable person (it makes sense in my head – I guess it’s like, I tackle challenges easier, walk quicker, am not afraid to do things, etc). While you should never let the clothes wear you, I definitely feel like I choose clothes to emphasise certain characteristics – on a most basic level, short skirt on a night out type thing.

So here’s my first outfit post in nearly 2 months….time flies! I have been kinda nervous to do one the last few days, it’s like I have forgotten how to do them or something…..stand in front of camera, do that blogger half smile, how hard can it be….heh….This is my favourite shirt. I stole it from my mum years ago, and it’s still going strong! So. Day two, my favourite shirt.

Shirt: vintage, Skirt: Pennys, Shoes: Office, Necklace & rings: gifts

P.S. Only a day in and I’m falling behind, not a good sign!! In my defense, real world stuff (aka window mounting samples for the exhibition tonight) came up and I was too busy to take the actual picture. So, instead, here is a bumper day two and three rolled into one. Day 3 = jewellery a friend bought you, and my friends have bought me all the jewellery I am wearing, aren’t they nice! Also, I ditched the blogger pose, I feel weird doing it. Having a bit of a laugh is far more my style!


One thought on “Day 2 – The Shirt….And Day 3, oops….

  1. You look like January Jones in the last picture! really cool outfit, the mixing of animals is rather subtly done! I’m suprised the skirt’s from Primark, but then again that is the magic of that shop I guess!

    You’re taking the challenge very seriously ^___^

    I can’t take a decent ‘blogger’ picture attt aaalllll, I’ve kind of given up on that aspect. Neverless, I think I shall do this challenge, it could be fun.

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