Day 4

Ok, so today I’m supposed to post a photo of “a shirt I haven’t worn”….SO….considering that I have worn all my clothes a million times, that’s not going to work. So here is a picture of a shirt that I have not worn…yet, haha. It’s Theyskens’ Theory, Resort 2012. I love the ombre effect, I am planning on dip dying some of my shirts to get the same effect this week (will post the results if they turn out well).

Theyskens' Theory Resort 2012

image via

I also love the blazer, looks rad! And check out the runway, I can’t figure out if it’s outside or just the lighting, but it’s super cool! Ok, well I’m going to get ready for djing tonight, if anyone is around I shall be spinning hip hop chewwwwns in the Chocolate Bar, Crawdaddy from 11. Come say hi!



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