A pair of pants that aren’t jeans

Day 6….

I am already beginning to regret committing to this, as it turns out that my “free time” is actually already booked up with a bunch of really time consuming things! However, in a very busy way, I am really enjoying getting back into blogging, and thinking and writing – and of course, I hope you are too!!

So, day 6, a pair of pants that aren’t jeans. Now you’re talking! Where I lack in jeans, I make up in slacks. How cool…….ahem. I mentioned yesterday how jeans shopping makes me sad. Slacks shopping is a far more therapeutic exercise, as modern trousers tend to have plenty of darts and other tailoring features meaning they cut a leaner figure. WIN.

And then there are Disco Pants. These lil babies came into my life when I started working in American Apparel. Let’s be clear about this, they are not leggings. They are not jeggings. They are shiny, skin tight, Sandra Dee trousers. I was terrified when I first tried them on, but there is something in the fabric that does wonders with your bum. If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself! Disco pants are great for slouchy days, with an oversize top and a pair of easy shoes. They are great for nights out, with a fancy top and big heels. So much so that I own three pairs of them!  I’m not a skinny malink, but they are flattering on pretty much everybody. If you are curvy, they make your curves look like BAM! If you are straight up and down, they make your legs look ridiculously long and ridey. So, what else do you need to know? Not much. And, as per my blog challenge, here is me in my favourite Disco Pants – black, of course!

disco pants: American Apparel, shirt: Primark, shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood


4 thoughts on “A pair of pants that aren’t jeans

  1. Loving those disco pants girl, i’ve been hovering over the purchase button on the AA site for a whole day now, everyone keeps telling me they are so worth it, but the €80 has me stallin’…. I need to get over my self and just push the button! Seeing how fab they look on you should be all I need to tip me over the edge…. heehee 🙂

    Nice blog btw, following now!

    feel free to chekc out mine if you like 🙂



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