NCAD Degree Show #1

The NCAD Degree show goes on til Sunday. Opening Hours are until 8pm this evening (Friday) and then 10-5 tomoro (Saturday) and 2-5 on Sunday. I have yet to see all of it, as I have mostly been invigilating the textiles section, but I can’t wait to see the rest and report back. Gonna keep it quick today, the challenge is “an outfit you wore to a special occasion”. Last Friday was the opening of the show/results night, which was special enough. I got a first in my thesis, which was on blogging, so I was really delighted with that, as there is so little academic research on fashion blogging and how it is tied into identity, DIY culture, and all sorts of other nerdy things that I can never get enough of. And so here is what I wore, what some of my friends wore, and also a bit of the exhibition itself. I settled on the dress I bought for my friend’s wedding back in February, and my trusty American Apparel sheer oversize blouse, and of course, the Kirkwoods….I’m going to have to stop wearing them so much! Happy Friday!!!

bottom two pics robbed from Triona’s facebook. Thanks Tri


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