Thanks for Calling!

Today’s challenge is a piece of jewellery that a grandparent gave you. I am not doing it, because some things are private, and my grandparents and their gifts are off limits!! I will tell you however, that the three of them I had the privilege to know were (and one of them still is) inspiring, amazing people. My grandparents have taught me, by example, so many things that are ingrained in my personality; a sense of mischief, a love of clothes, craft and the benefits of studying hard (and playing hard too!). My nana, for example, always finishes phone conversations with “thanks for calling”. It’s such a small thing, but it shows a warmth and respect that is so often lacking in our times.

So, instead of the jewellery, here are some pretty impressive images from two photographers I quite admire, Zoe Zimmer, and Tom Blachford.

Tom Blachford
Tom Blachford
Tom Blachford
Zoe Zimmer
Zoe Zimmer
Zoe Zimmer

images via and Dazeddigital


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