My face is ACE!

Today’s challenge is a “piece of jewellery that everyone compliments you on”. Easy peasy, my face is the clear winner. Huh? My face necklace that is. I literally can’t wear it anywhere without people remarking on it, and in many cases, start touching my neck/decolletage…erk….

I notice myself doing the same to others. Feature pieces (note i did not use the word statement*) are such a good way to make small talk. I am quick to compliment or converse about a design detail or an amazing piece of jewellery/shoes/bags. It’s like a really visible common ground or something. Despite the fact that I wear strong looks or fierce jewellery, I can be quite shy, so having something I am comfortable talking about with strangers is a definite plus, and far less awkward than being all like, “soooooo………….what music do you like”.

I almost always have a million giant rings (just so we are clear, this is hyperbole. Usually the number is closer to five) and some form of large necklace on me. I recently got asked out by a guy who nicknamed me Don King. I’m pretty sure it’s not a compliment, but stinger for him for asking me out anyway?? So why do I feel the need to be a pasty white girl version of Mr. T? All lion head rings and gigantic necklaces? Or rather, why do I wear attention seeking things, when I really don’t want all the comments and the attention they invariably bring?

Well, I have always been hopelessly naive when I dress. In true man-repelling form, I dress for myself, (and, psychologists and academics would argue, for the approval of my fashion and design loving peers), rather than for attention from the general world. I wear things that I think have interesting design, things that flatter me, or have interesting colour combinations, rather than the traditional messages or signals that they might send. However, to the rest of the world, I dress loud. To them, I dress for attention, which is not the case, but short of wearing a sign around my neck, there is no way of other people knowing this. An acute example of this is my red disco pants, which I can’t wear without being literally heckled by lads all the way down the street….Who knew shiny red trousers were controversial? I thought they were just a big of fun…..But let’s be honest, I’d rather fend off a few unwanted remarks than wear crappy clothes, am I right?

So without further ado, or indeed analysis of cultural meaning, here is my face necklace. And my face. And my buddy Christine’s face. Taken on my Lego camera a while back.

*AND ANOTHER THING…..I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but DEAR GOD….magazine world, pleeeeease, please please STOP referring to large or outlandish things as “statement pieces”. What statement? Seriously? A statement piece implies there is some very lucid reason for wearing that particular thing, to convey a message, it implies that you are saying something. If the only thing you wish to say is that you have a most unusual piece of jewellery or fashion that you would like others to admire, then it is a FEATURE. Jeeeeez.


2 thoughts on “My face is ACE!

    1. haha! yea he really didn’t understand why i was offended…altho not offended enough to take them off! long live the million rings brigade! 🙂

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