NCAD Grad Show #2

I made it around the whole exhibition with half an hour to spare in the end (pretty dismal timing considering it had been up for 10 days…), and I would like to share with you some of my personal highlights. It was amazing to see everyone’s work, as although I have known many of my classmates for three years, I had no idea what a lot of their work was like. So, it was kind of like, seeing the inside of their head for the first time. I am design4life, but there is a strong and proud tradition of fine art in NCAD, and this year’s graduates did not disappoint. The work was outstanding, especially in Print. And seeing the amount of red stickers underneath the works, I was not alone in my opinion!

It was really sad taking the exhibition down today, as it marked the end of my time at NCAD. While I am excited about moving on to the next stage, I will miss the banter of our lil Thomas Street bubble. So on that note, here are my standout pieces from the 2011 Degree Show, in order of how I went around the show (i.e. the order they are on my camera)

Sarah McNamara

I don’t actually know Sarah, but her work was beautiful. I don’t think I’ve seen a ceramic chandelier before, and these are such a wonderful balance of modern, traditional, clean and textured. Ticking all the boxes, if you will!

Ciara Cuddihy

I love Ciara’s work, and the way it combines glass with textiles – she studied Fibre Art in Ballyfermot before entering NCAD, and this experience of textile fine art comes through in her pieces.

Anna West

Conor O’Toole

Conor’s work is amazing! And they are made of glass! I feel like he has a very bright future in fashion ahead of him if he so chooses though. And despite them looking so modern, they are based on the bog, and the way the lumps of turf curl and other bog related stuff that I am not familiar with, but basically, they are a modern take on Irish tradition, which makes them even better. I really really appreciate people who rework the notion of Irishness into a 21st century language.

Ella Reilly

Charlene McFarland

Miriam Wade

Daniela Cardelo

AAAAh, this post is ridiculously long already, so I am going to leave it at that for now. These have been the highlight of the Ceramic Glass and Metals show. I’ll be back soon with the rest! x


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