NCAD Grad Show #4


I should have done this first, really, what with me being in textiles and stuff. But I’m doing it now. So enjoy. Here are my favs (in no particular order) from Textiles this year, across embroidery, weave and print.

Ingrid Bowen
Julie Flynn
Trudy Feighery
Carol O'Brien
Blaithin Ennis
Meabh DeBurca
Triona O'Neill
Clodagh Kelly
Aisling Duffy
Carrie Kinnehan
Rachel Platt
Julie Nolan
Fiona McDonald
Ciara Harrison


Zara McGonigle
Honor Scanlon
ME! aka Jane Alexandra

I’m so proud of all the ladies from Textile Design, the show was amazing. I have been very lucky to be part of a really amazing class, and I wish everyone the best of luck in the future, but with work like theirs, luck will have very little to do with their success! xxx

2 thoughts on “NCAD Grad Show #4

  1. So sorry I missed the show this year. We’ve been interweb following it though – including a certain RTE report with a guest spot Ms Janey. But really thanks for the blog reporting, the output gets more impressive year on year…

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