That’s that new Sh*t

Yesterday I was too busy to blog. And the day before. Soz. Sooooooooo….right. Wednesday’s challenge was “your latest purchase”. Yesterday’s is “you and someone wearing matching clothes”. I am not going to trawl through facebook to find a pic of a clothes twin, and I am defo not gonna take a new one. Instead, it’s gonna be a bumper “newest purchase” and “newest made” post instead. (Today’s challenge is “an article of clothing you made or altered” – perfect timing!!)

I mentioned a while back that I was going to try dip dye stuff, so I did a lil tank and a shirt – the shirt, being polycotton, didn’t work as well as the tank but I am pleased with the results. I had a bit of a dye disaster earlier in the week, but seeing as I’m an old pro at dealing with dye-lab disasters, I totally sorted it, and the results are no longer blotchy stains! While I was fixing my dye-saster (groan), I rooted through my box of leftover/I-promise-I’l-do-something-with-these-someday fabrics, and tie dyed some jersey. Then I watched some more Breaking Bad…..uhoh….i’m in danger of describing what I had for dinner here…

SYNOPSIS: I made three tops from scratch on Wednesday, customised two, spray painted a pair of shoes and made an apple crumble. You don’t care about the apple crumble, but it sounds impressive.

Dip dye tank. I bought tank ages ago
I make the tie dye. I make the tshirt!
Stripey tank fun. I make this too
It has shirt tail back detail. I have funny face


I also went SHOPPING last week. IN A SHOP!!!! I couldn’t even believe it myself, the whole experience was so foreign and surreal, it has been that long. However, the lovely folks at Forever 21 had sent me a giftcard to get something nice, and I did just that. The shop still terrifies me a lil bit, it’s so big – I didn’t do myself any favours by visiting on a Saturday afternoon mind – I am not sure the floor plan shows the stock clearly. I also got the impression that some of the stuff I was admiring on the website wasn’t in store, but I have a feeling that they have targeted a certain Dublin market, so I guess man repeller pants are probably not gonna sell so well. 😦

Nevertheless, I sifted through and soon had my hands full of things I wanted to try on. I settled on a lace-backed tribal-print-front tshirt, and a stripey shirt. I was also taken with another navy long sleeved number, and a red, scalloped edged skirt (that didn’t have my size, sob….note to self – never try on a really teeny size small for the gas. Gas will not be had).

Forever 21 shirt, I couldn’t decide to have it out or in, kinda like it halfsies. Urban Outfitters vintage skirt. Silly face, stylists own.


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