Thread Launch

Mathematically speaking: Fashion (I love) + Party (I love) = (I love)(fashion + party)

Business people would call it synergy. I like to call it a real good time. Friday marked the launch of Thread magazine, a new quarterly fashion magazine. With Aisling Farinella at the helm, it was sure to be a great publication, and the Thread team did not disappoint. Concise yet loaded, the newsprint magazine features some of Ireland’s hottest talent. It was a party to celebrate a publication that exemplifies Irish fashion media at its most innovative, resourceful and exciting; and in keeping with their Friends theme, South Studios was full of friendly faces on Friday night.

I look forward to the next edition, and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

A couple of friendly snaps I took on the night (above), and the magazine itself….

 image via

Be sure to snap up a copy (they are free!) in the amazing Indigo & Cloth, Bow or Costume before they are all gone!

4 Comments to “Thread Launch”

  1. Dying to pick up a copy of this soon – Thread needs stockists in Cork!

  2. must get my hands on a copy!

  3. this seems really interesting, I’m currently looking for work experience for transition year, do you think they would take on transition year students?

    • probably not to be honest, given the nature of the work, you would be better off with a more established magazine i think. but get in touch with them anyway, sure you never know!

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