Thread Launch

Mathematically speaking: Fashion (I love) + Party (I love) = (I love)(fashion + party)

Business people would call it synergy. I like to call it a real good time. Friday marked the launch of Thread magazine, a new quarterly fashion magazine. With Aisling Farinella at the helm, it was sure to be a great publication, and the Thread team did not disappoint. Concise yet loaded, the newsprint magazine features some of Ireland’s hottest talent. It was a party to celebrate a publication that exemplifies Irish fashion media at its most innovative, resourceful and exciting; and in keeping with their Friends theme, South Studios was full of friendly faces on Friday night.

I look forward to the next edition, and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

A couple of friendly snaps I took on the night (above), and the magazine itself….

 image via

Be sure to snap up a copy (they are free!) in the amazing Indigo & Cloth, Bow or Costume before they are all gone!


4 thoughts on “Thread Launch

  1. this seems really interesting, I’m currently looking for work experience for transition year, do you think they would take on transition year students?

    1. probably not to be honest, given the nature of the work, you would be better off with a more established magazine i think. but get in touch with them anyway, sure you never know!

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