Film Fatale

Like classic films? Like taking fashion inspiration from classic films? Then you will like Film Fatale.

The brain child of The Screen Cinema’s Anna Taylor, Film Fatale is a monthly club showing classic films in a fun way; with booze, dancing and dress up. Held in the Sugar Club, attendees are encouraged to pay homage to the characters and style of the films, by coming dressed in vintage-inspired wear. The August installment is Roman Holiday, with the iconic Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, immaculately dressed by the legendary Edith Head, who won an Oscar for her efforts.


If that wasn’t reason enough to get you out of the house, after the screening is a themed after-party, with the Film Fatale resident dj’s playing music from the era with a summer twist, so you and your like-minded friends can dance the night away, dressed immaculately! The nights are always a roaring success, in part because the Fatale crew are genuinely enthusiastic about the nights they put on, and also because people really get into the spirit of things, dressing up and generally getting on board with the theme of the evening.

I could say that Dublin needs more of this kind of thing, but in fact all it needs is more people to go to the things that are already on. People like Taylor are doing their best to bring something different to Dublin’s nightlife, but they can only do so if people show up on the night. So if you like fashion, fun and classic film, make sure you are at the Sugar Club on Saturday 6th August!

Tickets €15 are available at from 6th July.
Doors open at 8pm
After-party from 11pm with tickets at the door (€5).

For more info and pics from previous nights, check out Film Fatale on Facebook.

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