Backwards hat & sunglasses = cool, right??

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Pucci is not exactly the coolest brand in fashion. However, I really doubt that anyone in the house gives a monkeys, as cool was never their thing. Pucci is luxury, Pucci is glamour and opulence. Historically, the Pucci woman was draped on a yacht, or a rocky beach in Marrakesh, or some other fantastic location, swathed in metres of printed silk. While I am most certainly not a Pucci woman, I have always had a soft spot for the brand’s vibrant prints, their colour interaction and the seemingly simple swirly doodles (yes that is the technical term) that make up the designs.

The reason I mention this is that I was particularly taken by Peter Dundas’  Resort 2012 collection for the brand. While staying true to Emilio’s vision, Dundas has for the last number of seasons been sharpening the Pucci look, updating it for a modern audience. The traditional Pucci has been given a modern palette, a bit more negative space and a tweak on scale, and looks great.

Pucci Resort 2012

There is something sort of ethnic and tribal about Pucci prints, despite their kaleidoscopic colour palettes. There is also something Kandinsky-esque about them – a colourful collection of abstracted shapes put together to create maximum impact – and while I am not sure that Emilio was so cracked on synaesthesia, there is certainly an echo of cacophony in his work. Dundas has simplified the colour schemes, but with similarly maximum impact, reworking classic prints and creating fresh ones.

Pucci Resort 2012
Pucci Resort 2012

But woman cannot live on print alone, and thus Dundas has cleverly designed sharply cut block colour separates worthy of Anna Dello Russo herself. Can’t you just see her in them?

Pucci Resort 2012
Pucci Resort 2012

all images via style.com


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