Forevz and evz

On Thursday I popped in to the Forever 21 press morning for a little gander at their Autumn Winter offering. As per usual they had a lovely warm welcome ready for everyone, alongside the finest pieces of the forthcoming season. Stores like Forever 21 really need to tick all the boxes in terms of trends and directions, given that their target market is pretty huge and has such broad tastes, and this season was no exception. So like other high street retailers, they had their overall collection divided thematically, with ’70’s, vintage, preppy and mod being main themes F21 picked up on and developed into stories.

As it was really really busy full of the best and brightest of the Dublin fashion scene, I sort of spent half my time looking at the clothes on the rails and half the time looking at the clothes on the people there. I also managed to remember to bring my camera to a press event for the first time (win!) so I snapped a bit of both.  Interestingly, I noted that the way the crowd were dressed reflected the themes on the hangars. Not bad considering those in attendance were some of the most sartorially savvy fashion heads in Dublin.

Of course I forgot to snap all the things I liked, so you will have to trust me when I say that I really can’t wait to get my hands on the cut out denim shirt.

I liked how they had live mannequins interacting with people, the whole morning had the feeling of a salon, which is no mean feat for a mass mass retailer! The clothes themselves stood up to close scrutiny, not only on the hangers but also on the models walking around, looking great. One of the stylists didn’t realise they were models and was struck by how amazingly dressed, and tall, everyone was!

As a very generous thank you for coming along, the folks at Forever 21 gave us a bag to nab an accessory goody. I am, however, far too much of a goody two shoes, and only took one. So I shall be keeping it for myself – next time I promise I will get something to giveaway to you guys, promise!! But in fairness, with my penchant for rings, do you REALLY think I would give this baby away? It’s amaaaaaazing. I die!

dodgy iphone pic. i was so excited i tweeted straight away....

Forever 21 really have their accessories down. Every time I am in the stores or at an event like this, I find myself picking up things almost before I realise it, which is always a good thing. And you know the old saying, when in doubt, lash on a load of jewellery! No?

And to end off, a few sneaky pics of some of the other lovely bloggers I bumped into on Thursday morning. Good to see you girlies! x


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