a riot of a time…

Ten days since my last post. I’m very bold. I have been working, so I apologise, but I have a decent excuse. I also have some VERY EXCITING news that I can’t wait to share with everyone, but more on that when things are finalised. In the meantime, let’s talk about London. Last weekend I went to london. It was a riot…..Too soon?

Anyway, the purpose of my visit was not to procure tellys and tracksuits, but rather to catch up with all my friends who have sought greener pastures, have a blast a Field Day, and…actually that was all that was on the agenda this time. Seeing as I shall be living there in just over a month I didn’t feel much pressure to try and squeeze too much in.

*Side note* HOW AWESOME are days off? I have been doing far too much recently, and last weekend was literally the first time I had joined-up time off with friends who also had joined-up time off. A revelation I tells ya.

Field Day was predictably great. Although much, much busier than anticipated, which involved lots of queuing, which was less than fun. But Glasser, James Blake, Sbtrkt, Wild Beasts, Mount Kimbie, Warpaint and Benga more than made up for it. I highly suggest that you check all of the about out, as they are all unreal. I missed Creep, but it’s OK! They are playing this Saturday in Crawdaddy, and my fav lil bro from another ho is supporting them with his band White Collar Boy. Stall down if you are sound and like music.

So, I guess this is a bit of a mashup of a post, with lots of small points, but no real “message”.

Point 1: London/Field Day/Friends are predictably awesome.

Point 2: Creep & White Collar Boy are playing in Crawdaddy this Saturday (tomorrow), so you should go to that.

Point 3: I have exciting news, so you should stay tuned in the coming days.

Point 4: Listen to the above-mentioned bands at your leisure to please your ears.

Point 5: Queuing for things, while very British, is a right pain.

Here’s me, doing my best festival wear impression.

Dress: Thrifted, Lace cycling shorts: American Apparel, Jacket: Reality Studio, Boots: Topshop, Stupid face: stylist’s own.


Oh, also, don’t forget about my giveaway – nab yourself a Forever 21 voucher simply by LIKING my facebook page. EASY.


Top 2 photographs are mine, bottom one thanks to a stranger, and middle two thanks to Christine. xxx


8 thoughts on “a riot of a time…

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

    You are looking fantastic, and I am so envious you went on a trip to London, I would dearly love to go there to soak up the culture and shop like crazy. 🙂

    The Cat Hag

  2. thank you for the lovely comments on my blog,
    sorry i didn’t know how to work this so i just clicked on ‘guest?’

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