At the Atelier

So, my news….

I am proud to announce that my degree collection is now available in Atelier 27, Om Diva, Drury Street. I have a STOCKIST!!! Which means I guess I’m a real designer now? The whole thing is a bit surreal, I am still getting used to the idea. Hopefully there will be some interest in it, otherwise there will be serious egg on my face… For those of you that missed it, my collection is a range of romantic, flowing silk dresses and strong, cropped leather tops, all with custom prints. My muse for this collection was the Disco Warrior, and it embodies a strong, romantic, free spirited and feminine woman. The pieces are a play on hard and soft, of revealing, concealing and protecting the body. Using long sheaths of transparent silk, the body is covered but revealed, using leather is reminiscent of armour and strength, hinting at an inner strength.

I am also currently working on a more ready-to-wear range using some of my prints from the year, if frocks are not your thing. So stay tuned, hopefully simultaneously working full time retail and designing a range won’t kill me….I mean, sleep is so overrated anyway…..

And if you can, drop into Om Diva to check out all the designers they have in the Atelier, there is a wealth of young Irish talent on display. Ruth, Om Diva’s owner, has a wonderful sense of the times, giving the new breed with a bit of get up and go a place to showcase their work – and hopefully sell some of it. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, these dark times have thrown up some really great opportunities for those who are willing to put themselves out there, and people like Ruth and Om Diva are instrumental is making Dublin an exciting place to be. Long may it last, and hopefully when get out of the doldrums, these brave people will flourish. One of my favourite stable mates is Capulet & Montague, a jewellery line, pictured with my dress below.

And I know I put this up before, but here are a few images from the lookbook, featuring the stunning Sharon Love at First Options. Get in touch if you have any queries, of if you like what you see, or if you want to use the garments for shoots. It’s noisyshoesblog[at]


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