Fair Frocks

Last night, while attempting to get through some of the hundreds of “I’ll get to you later” mails, I came across a very worthy endeavour from Asos. A while back I did a little piece on Suno, and how they are bringing Fashion to the fore when it comes to ethical and sustainable clothing. Well, the Out of Africa collection from Asos reminds me more than a little bit of their high end counterpart, if not because they are both produced in Kenya, in workshops focusing on sustainability within the community and the environment. Using traditional African-looking prints and weaves, the online highstreet behemoth has created a line that is as fashionable as it is ethical. I really dig these printed trousers – the print reminds me of Suno’s collection.

As if the fact that these threads are bang on trend wasn’t enough to get you interested, to ease your consumption guilt a little bit – Asos are pledging to donate £5 from each sale, and then matching each with another £5 to the workshop that produces that garments to assist with the ongoing  development of a sustainable and long term solution to the economic problems in the Kenyan community. Can’t say fairer than that!

Asos Africa
Asos Africa

Check the range HERE

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