Denim Rules

Jean shopping sends me into a cold sweat. Despite denim being a fashion perennial, the fear of the dressing room torture it can induce has left me jean-less for the last age. What is it about denim that just taunts all the little lumps and bumps where every other fabric is kind enough to ignore?

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Luckily for me though, style guru Brendan Courtney has laid out some denim rules. The skinny, if you will… They go as follows:

1.    Identify the parts of your body you want to disguise and the part you want to emphasize.

2.    Apple & hour glass go for high waist, pear & ruler try mid waist first. Hipsters only for skinny bitches!

3.    Start with a little stretch; try find denim with a little give

4.    If tummy and back fat is your issue, look for jeans with tummy support and avoid hipsters and remember the phrase “muffin tops” didn’t invent itself!

5.    If you choose a bootcut, make sure they cover your shoes, which will add length to your legs.

6.    If your hips and thighs are driving you mad, avoid bootcut and try a wide leg that skims the hips. 70s flares disguise a multitude!

7.    Everyone and anyone should try a skinny jean! They make every leg look slimmer. If skeptical, start with a jegging to break you in and remember, it’s about what you put on your top half and on your feet.

8.    The colour is crucial – the classic indigo shade is always the best place to start and is much easier to smarten up.   Over 35s avoid stone washed, you’ll risk entering the land of trying a little too hard…population: YOU!

9.    With back pockets, remember the jingle: big on small bum, small on a big bum.

10.  Final word of wisdom: TRY THEM ON – always try them on. Often, the tiniest detail can support and love your bits all the right places!

image via streetpeeper

If that isn’t enough, Brendan is going to be part of the Fashion Movement at the Jervis Centre, with a team of experts dishing out advice on the perfect jeans fit at the Jeanius-Jeans Style Station, running every weekend until the 10th September. The service is free, so more money for those dream denims! And by the look of the last outfit post I did on denim, I think I am going to need a looooonnnggg consultation with Mr. Courtney!!

me, in denim.....

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