Sunday Funday #6

Things are pretty hectic here in Noisy Shoes HQ, trying to sort everything for the BIG MOVE, as well as finish up things I have been threatening to do for months and make dolla (ie retail job :/). Against all odds though, I have managed to squeeze in some fun times. Here are the things that I have been smiling at this week

1) NYFW.

It’s fashion week bitches!! I’m excited! This is the first Fashion Week where I have had an iPhone, so I am delighted with myself keeping up to date with all the collections, as they happen. I am so 2k11. Loving it. Highlights so far have been Prabal Gurung, Alexander Wang (obvs), Lela Rose & Altuzarra. So far next season is looking riiiiiight up my street – print & sporty, streetwear shapes. WIN.

Altuzarra SS12

image via


Had my going away party on Friday in the Bernard Shaw, and it was lovely to have a gathering of friends all in the one place – pity it only seems to happen when someone leaves the country these days….Drinks were drunk and songs were listened to. Like this one, which I have been listening to this week and I love love love it. If you don’t know Pharaohe Monch, get on that shizz. Odd Future have a lot to thank him for, IMO!

3) Shoe Repair

Ok so this is really really lame I know, and I am quite clearly scraping the barrel of fun to even bring it up, but I collected some shoes that needed a bit of love and now it’s like having new shoes, but better almost, it’s like meeting up with old friends. Pretty friends, that make you feel good about yourself. If I had the time I would draw a picture of a shoe with a speech bubble that said “you look really nice today”. They are those kind of shoes. I’l post a pic soon. In the meantime, hopefully I will feel like that about these babies some day.

Alejandro Ingelmo SS12

image via Fashionologie

Alejandro Ingelmo is my new favourite. I am literally obsessed overnight. Along with these babies, at his Milk Studios presentation yesterday he has these other amaaaaaazing sparkly heeled wedge shoe boots that would make you weep they are so pretty. Oh to be there and be happy and longful all at once. Is longful even a word? is now….

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