Sunday Funday #6.5

Following on from yesterday’s Sunday Funday I have one more addition, that warrants its own post – the Style Swap hosted by the lovely Lisa Lu in The Grand Social yesterday evening. Clothes were swapped, and stylist extraordinaire Lisa was on hand to talk style with those experiencing sartorial mental blocks, which happens the best of us every so often.

Lisa invited me down to show off some of my work at the event, giving me the perfect deadline to finish off some new pieces. I managed to get them done with about 5 minutes to spare (we’re talking Project Runway style last minute panic sewing here) and legged it down to the Grand Social to showcase them along with other designers such as my Om Diva stablemates Tokiki, Aliquo and the lovely crew from Horse & June. It’s still such a strange feeling showing my work to strangers, but I overheard one girl saying really nice things about the new pieces, so that makes it totally worth it!

I actually think I might keep this first dress for myself, I tried it on and I actually really like it! I suppose I should really like everything I make, in a if-you-don’t-love-yourself-who-will sort of a way, but still. This one I might wear. We’ll see.

tasty treats


Aliquo Jewellery


I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but it’s events like these that make Dublin great, and I really feel like more people should take part in them, as they are fun, free and offer something a bit different. If I hear one more person moaning about how there is nothing going on and then they sit at home on their bums watching crappy tv while fun evenings like this ARE going on, well, I probably won’t do much, but I will quietly think less of the moaner. So there.










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