The One Where Jane Went to Fashion Week

Finally made it to Somerset House today…I’m still reeling from the FASHUN of it all…..Here’s a bit of what I saw.

I am literally so overwhelmed, in a good way though. I knew there was this level of fashion, but I had NO IDEA. Somerset House really is a circus, I have never seen so many cameras in the one place, everyone snapping furiously. I was so shocked that they were taking pics of ME too, I think they must have mistook me for someone who might have been somebody….mwahahahahahhaha!

I was really glad of good company in the form of Ripped Knees. Although the crowd was remarkably friendly, it was great to have a real life pal and fellow fashion enthusiast/nerd to knock about with.

Ripped Knees (I call her Ana)
Look! It's ADR! (Her friends call her Anna too!)

I went to outside Burberry (Ana had a ticket, I did not, sigh), and nearly got run over by Corine’s car. She was gawking at us as we were at her, WIN! I want to say words and words, and trust me, I will, but for now, let’s just look at lovely pictures of kick ass amazing style. I wish every day was fashion week!!!

Latecomers legging it to the Burberry Show



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