The time I stood outside the Burberry show

Burberry Invite SS12

Ana (ms Ripped Knees) went and sat opposite Kanye and right behind Anna Wintour (you should have heard the din as she arrived). I stood outside and had a little CREEP. Clearly I wanted to be inside, but it was still interesting to see how a massive luxury brand put on their show. I ended up standing beside a security guard who had a radio link to the production team so I could hear all the frantic last minute instructions being barked as they rushed and shoved people into their seats in order to start the show as close to the time it was supposed to as possible (the term fashionably late doesn’t come from nowhere, you know).

"Hey Anna, Anna, over here Anna"


She wasn't even on the phone. Phoney reality, if you will........Tommy Ton, Street Peeper & other uber bloggers....

Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani. Sozzi bout the ropey pic.



I somehow managed to land myself right in the front of the blogger barrier so when the beautiful people were pouring out I had the best spot to pap them. Unfortunately I have no idea who anyone famous is, so I based my shots on how good their outfits were….Soz Sienna, I didn’t even notice you, until everyone else started running after you… 5’8 good looking glossy blondes are frighteningly common around these parts.

Disgracefully, I still havn’t seen the collection properly apart from Ana’s shots from the show – once I get sorted with a job and flat I can focus on the important things in life again.



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