Topshop NEWGEN

It has been a crazy few weeks, turns out moving country is kind of a big, stressful, time-consuming, no-blogging-coz-iv-no-internet-in-the-house-yet deal, who would have thought?!! Anyway, enough with the excuses and back to the FASHUN. I took a lot of pictures in and around Somerset House during fashion week, and I feel that they are still relevant, even if the madness is over for another season. Rightly so, as designers work all year round to prepare their presentations, and perhaps we should take time to look at them in a slightly more reflective way, after the circus has died down. So, yea.

One of the great things I like about about Fashion Week is the British Fashion Council, Topshop sponsored NewGen scheme. I dropped by the tent at Somerset House and was delighted to see (and touch!) some of my favourite up-and-coming designer’s work. Clearly, I am soooooooooo faaaashun, I am familiar with most of the designers that were there, and am excited to see that they are about to reach breaking point. I am a massive fan of Holly Fulton and nearly fell over myself to get into her stuff.*

Holly Fulton


Holly Fulton's super cute illustrations!

Then there was Michael Van Der Ham, whose name keeps popping up everywhere, and once you see his stuff, it is really no surprise.

Michael Van Der Ham
Michael Van Der Ham

The Irish were being represented by wunderkid JW Anderson, whose minimal layout belied a mature, developed collection.

JW Anderson

Speaking of developed, I am developing a massive thing for Christopher Raeburn’s work. While I am not street, I love the look of urban sportswear, and parkas, and generally things that are well designed. Raeburn’s work catches my eye time and time again, and I have a feeling that he is about to blow up big time. The British Fashion Council obviously think so too, what with him being in the NEWGEN lineup. Watch this space. (**Oops, I forgot to take pics….I’m a dope. Visit his site though, it is COOL***)

David Koma is another designer that caught my eye recently, mostly because of his face prints – they are on the right sides of kitch, weird and wonderful.

David Koma
David Koma

Finally – actually firstly, as it is just as you come in the door – I really enjoyed the moodboards that the designers put together for the collections. It gave a real sense of the collection, and I think it is always inspiring to see how other people work and their approach to things.

More moodboards!
More more moodboards!!

So that was NewGen. Keep your eyes peeled to see great things from these guys in the near future.

*I quite literally nearly fell over – each designer is in a little tent-cabin-y thing, with a little lip on the door…..oops….


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