Sunday Funday #7. On a Wednesday…

Sunday Funday. On a Wednesday. As you do. Here are some miscellaneous things that have put a smile on my face the past week.

*warning: link overload!*

1) Weekends OFF!

For the first time ever I have two joined up days off on a regular basis. This weekend I am going to do fun things like going to an exhibition – Frieze is on but alas, £30 is a bit extreme. I’m thinking more along the lines of popping up to the V&A to see the new permanent photography gallery, as well as the Postmodernism: Style & Subversion exhibition. Or else possibly another favourite, the Design Museum, where they have an exhibition entitled “This is Design”.  Then there’s the slightly more random Imperial War Museum with a collection of war photography from the front line that’s catching my eye – Shaped By War by Don Mc Cullin.

Mariya Sabotinova via

2) Autumn Leaves –

The swishy swishy underfoot. Feel like a kid? Love it? You know it.

Meriol Lehmann via

3) The Globe, Notting Hill

Fun club/dive/random hole that’s good for reggae and dancehall. Be prepared for them to be a bit “stranger danger” tho, it has a seriously family vibe. As in, there was a wedding party on the last time I was there.

Garmonique via

4) Writing things

I have contributed two posts to RTE’s Red Radar (Part of, which are online NOW. GO, READ THEM. It’s me, doing writing, only better, because it’s for someone else. Well, there’s one writing, and then one VLOG, which is super tech-forward of me. I’m so now, right??? Eeeeehhhhhh, more like the hack of me. But nonetheless, it’s there, so have a gander. 

Mariya Sabotinova via

all images via





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