Designer Profile: Sarah Angold

Given my penchant for the Pikey Boxer Look (see what I mean here), I was very pleased to stumble across the work of Sarah Angold. Presenting her third collection at Somerset House at London Fashion Week, she stood out, in my mind, as the highlight of the accessories. An engaging, charming person to boot, Angold has a background in textiles and product design, which comes across in her work. It has all the slick modernism of Industrial Design, with the softness and texture of a textile designer.

Sarah Angold SS12

Her graphic, geometric designs were inspired by London’s skyline and many, many construction sites*. Using lazer cut acrylic, non precious metals and industrial fastenings, Angold creates pieces that are tough but feminine, sculptural but wearable. Another nice touch is that all the pieces, while looking quite industrial, are all hand crafted – I don’t know why, but I am a sucker for hand made things, especially when made to such an incredibly high standard.

Sarah Angold SS12

Angold captures something in her work that I find difficult to articulate. It is so designed, in a very technical sense (that’ll be the industrial designer in her), but without the object coming across as clunky or overly designed. While they are graphic and modular, they seem smooth. I keep hearing Dieter Rams in my head when I look at them. Without wanting to sound sycophantic or overly gushing, I think that they are very very good design!

Sarah Angold SS12

So, my birthday is coming up, and if anyone wants to buy me one of Sarah’s necklaces, you can do so at the Tate Modern, 127 Brick Lane, Beyond the Valley, Gill Wing and at Do it now, before she really hits the big time. She has already collaborated with up-and-coming NewGen wunderkid David Koma on his most recent collection, so stay tuned for this one. And seriously, anyone, birthday present much? Thanks.

Sarah Angold SS12

Find Sarah on Facebook and Twitter and her website here


Sarah Angold SS12

*This bus is on diversion…constantly. Transport rage much!



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