Things I like more than Ryan Gosling

Things that are better than Ryan Gosling – please note this list is in no way exhaustive and is designed to be indicative only.

1) Civets

Small Indian Civet
Banded Civet

LOOK AT THEM! LOOK HOW ADORABLE THEY ARE! They have spots AND stripes! Is Ryan Gosling this adorable? I don’t THINK SO.

2) Tidying my room

yea right, I live in none of these. all bedroom pics via

All of these rooms are warm, inviting, look like the place you wanna go to feel safe. Can Ryan Gosling make you feel like that? NO, NO HE CAN’T.

tidy…what…huh? Oh, I see. You thought this was gonna be pro-Gozzzz. It’s not. Ladies – I.Just.Don’t.Get.It
Well, like I get it, in the sense that a guy with good shoulders is pretty much a hottie. But I mean come ON. He’s a MOVIE STAR. REALLY? I feel that he is indicative of society, as with the rest of life, where we keep accepting less and less as our standard. We NEED to have aspirations, stanadards, things to strive for – even if we never attain them. Movie stars, nay, celebrities in general, should be perfect. Just proper, out of this world, inspirationally perfect. Think Dakota Fanning stunning, Johnny Depp gorgeous. People who, admittedly may make us hate ourselves a little, but I would rather set the bar high. Who wants to live in a “ah sure it’s fine” society. Ah sure it’s fine never invented anything, never moved forward, and probably squandered, withered and died in its own filth and antipathy.

So Ryan, I am sure you are a very nice young man, and in real life I would probably either swoon or punch someone to have a shot with you. But you do not represent real life, you are famous, and when it comes to being really really famous, you = not so much.

*ps no of course i don’t have pics of the gozz. A) He’s everywhere on the internet and i am not going to propagate his mug even further and B) This is a fashion/music/opinion/cute animal blog, not a cheap celebrity gossip site. I have standards, jeeeez.

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