Karla Otto Press Day

I stopped by the Karla Otto SS12 press day last week for a perve on some amazing collections.

My primary reason for attending was to check out Cos, who had very kindly invited me to the Dublin day, and then even more kindly extended the invitation across the water. And as per usual, I was not disappointed with their offering. Interesting shapes, great fabrics, simple yet exciting. I would happily dress head to toe Cos every day of the year. My favourite piece was the quilted neoprene, collarless jacket, but I was just as taken with their off the shoulder neoprene top. I am a massive fan of neoprene, especially when it is used like this. Also, the off the shoulder neckline is very ’90’s and I think I’m having a bit of a moment for it…watch this space.

Cos SS12

I was pleasantly surprised by Bally. Their collection was strong, true to the brand, but with an edge I was not expecting. The way they integrated fabrics was fresh, and had a very modern feel, without selling out their heritage and refined nature, and their colour palette was just right.

Bally SS12

I am having a huge menswear crush at the moment, so it’s no surprise that a lot of my favourite pieces were on the mens rails. Some of it I want to wear – Givenchy sweaters step forward please. But while a bit of androgyny is great, I think mostly I just really appreciate the nuances of menswear design. It is just so…practical. But still FASHUN. It’s just such a whole other thing to womenswear.

There were a few names that I was new to, Neil Barrett for example, whose collection was considered and beautiful – and his shoes were amazing. Kris Van Assche, a Paris based menswear label also really impressed me. His website is also pretty cool.

Neil Barrett SS12

And if that wasn’t enough, there was Edun. And GIVENCHY. And Margiela. And Bally, and Marni and a whole host of others. I did my usual press day trick of getting really hot and bothered and nervous and a bit stupid. So I took about 4 pictures, and left in a bit of a flap, unsure of what to say to anyone. Good work Jane. I wouldn’t even mind, but I didn’t even have a coffee beforehand. And I STILL got caught in the door on the way in…..

So, to recap, I will be buying as much Cos as I can afford over the next while, and will be dreaming of Givenchy. Quelle suprise.

Cos SS12

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