200 (and one) posts. 200 ideas. Some good, some terrible. Some well thought out, some thrown together with a very sore head. Nearly two years of my life documented by the random various things that catch my eye. I honestly never expected this blog to last this long, nor that I would care about it, or that I would consider myself a blogger, much less that others would consider me one.

I guess I just like the idea of sharing things I like, even if I just reach one person then that’s cool. It was never meant to be big or clever – just as well, says you!

I’m not going to go on and thank the Academy, and god and my dog’s ma’s sisters hampster’s personal trainer, but I would like to say that I have met some really cool, interesting people from doing this and I am happy that there is a community of people who are engaging with fashion in a thoughtful way and that us nerds can all unite together!

And without further ado, here is what I wish I was wearing today, instead of an old, ragged hoodie and sweatpants.

Moschino AW11
Araks AW11
Helmut Lang
Suno AW11
Marc by Marc AW11

all images via style.com



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