All Wrapped Up for Christmas

Christmas present shopping for the lovable dickhead hipster in your life can be traumatic. Clothes are a no-go, as they either already have it, it’s too mainstream/last season/all of the above. Music is also out, as the bands they listen to you’ve never heard of/only produce 45’s on white label/don’t even have a record yet. Gizmos are just like, so lame, and they have read every book worth reading. Basically, the only thing left is art.

Lucky for you then, oh friend of hipster, that the Talbot Gallery is hosting All Wrapped Up for Christmas. This show comprises of the work of many very talented* artists and designers, with all pieces the same size, priced at 200eu. Which, given the quality of the work, is a bargain. And Irish talent doing they thang in Ireland is only a good thing, so if you are looking to spend a lil bit of cheddar on someone (that someone could be yourself!) then this is definitely worth a look.

Yes, I sound like a cheesy salesperson. No, my work is not in it, but I do believe that things like this are a far better way to shop for people at Christmas – hipster or no. Because this time next year, when you still havn’t unwrapped that rubbish dvd, or assembled that novelty thing, or read that book you promised yourself you would, think how you could have a beautiful piece of art on your wall making you smile every day. And god knows, we can all use a little bit of happy these days. So, Art is for life, not just for Christmas!




*I know this to be a fact because I am fortunate enough to know some of them!



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