Merry Christmas Me Arse

It’s CHRISTMAS!!! And I am very very very excited this year. Something in the air has de-Grinched me and I am inviting Christmas playlists, mulled wine, and general merry making. Maybe it has something to do with work and how I feel a bit like an elf getting everything ready for all the people….

Anyway. It is TWO WEEKS til the Big Man brings us all some serious swag. In the meantime, if you are not feeling full of festive cheer yet, listen to these, and if you are still feeling ba humbug, then you should probably go to the doctor, because you are in fact dead inside.


Seriously Santa, help a sister out. I wanna bust a move.


Hipster Christmas legends

The best ba-humbug Christmas song ever!!!

and the best Christmas song of all time ever.



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