I just did a lil post for the lovely folks over at Red Radar, about upcycling your old LBD for party season. If you are anyway near as, eh, financially challenged, then making the best of what you got is SO on trend this season! Here’s a little snippet of the article, click the LINK to catch the rest of it, with glorious pictures!

Jane Love, aka blogger Noisy Shoes, calculates her way out of a wardrobe culdesac to be ready for the party season.

With Christmas less than two weeks away, it’s safe to say we are well into the party season! We are also into the realisation that after presents and parties, the budget for your own fabulousness is limited! OH NO!

Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune on an amazing new dress to look stunning – although if you happen to have a fortune, go for it, you deserve it! Looking great with what you already have is easy-peasy when you take the time do a little bit of planning. It could be something you have worn to death, like your Little Black Dress, but with a couple of little tricks, it will look fresh and new for Christmas.

So go on, check out the Red Radar now! And don’t worry it’s not just me, there’s loads of other good fashion vlogs, music and fun stuff!


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