V For Versace

So, this one has caught me slightly on the hop. Versace are doing a second line for H&M, and it’s out in like a fortnight. I had no idea, morto! Although unless I have been living under a rock for the past while (that is actually possible, now that I think of it), the blogosphere is decidedly less excited for this one. My feelings about designer/high-street collaborations are still mixed at best, but I am always curious to see what the teams come up with. This cruise collection delivers much of the same as the previous Versace collab…amazing campaign, light on clothes. Well, I mean, maybe I’m just not the target audience….You tell me….

Versace for H&M Cruise 2012
Versace for H&M Cruise 2012

I know it is probably a harsh judgement, and there are things from this collection I would wear – the bikini & some of the menswear is cute. But still…I stand by my previous sentiment that Versace is only good when it is actually expensive – tacky clothes in cheap fabrics is just, well, cheap. Even when Abbey Lee Kershaw models them in a great shoot.

The line is out January 19, from what I have heard. And while I won’t be rushing out to stand in line, I think this shirt is cute. Don’t you think it’s cute?

H&M Cruise 2012

all images via fashionolgie.com


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