I have a lil crush on Goldie Hawn. She’s a megababe. She’s funny AND hot. Birds aren’t supposed to have both. She’s up with Marilyn Munroe and Pamela Anderson for women who play up the bimbo thing to make themselves funnier. Genius.

Anyway I do have a point here – I watched Housesitter last night. Amazing. The OUTFITS. OH, the OUTFITS. Mom jeans and bodysuits with cropped animal print furry jackets and the best cowboy boots of all time ever (see above). Crochet dresses over full length body suits. The cutest black dress. And one of those curtain tie-back things as a necklace…..GAH! I love the 90’s.

The decor in the house too…Bit of an aztec rug in the living room. And that super cute little floral print chair 1992, 2012….20 years for things to come back into fashion. Just sayin.

And here is Goldie in walking talking full blown awesomeness….


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