Eva Zingoni. Or – Reasons Buying Cheap Shit on the High Street is Pointless.

This weekend I went shopping. Actually, that’s a total lie, this weekend I went looking at things that I would hypothetically buy or not buy, if I had any money. Which I don’t. But I digress. What I ascertained was that even if I had a bunch of money, I would still not have bought anything on my little browsing escapade. Everything I saw was cheap looking, cheap feeling and generally uninspiring. It reinforced my increasing belief that low-end highstreet stuff isn’t worth the samey-outfit-post Lookbook space it is ad nauseum posted on.

Basically, I have expensive taste. I don’t like mass-produced, generic, soulless crap. I don’t like things that are made to be thrown away. I like craftsmanship, and care, and design and beauty. I like things to be weighty and feel like they are going to last. In a lot of ways, and totally unintentionally, I have very ethical and eco taste.

Ethical and eco means different things to different people. I am by no means a paragon of virtue when it comes to sustainable fashion, but I am conscious of my choices and I do my best, and if every consumer could say the same then we would have a very different fashion industry.

Eva Zingoni @ Esthetica, LFW SS12

We also need designers that make sustainable choices easy for consumers, by providing ethical and sustainable choices that align with logical fashion choices. We need more people like Eva Zingoni, whom I came across at the Esthetica section of London Fashion Week, dedicated to sustainable fashion. Zingoni creates limited-edition garments using prestigious textiles. So far, so generic upper-end fashion. She uses prestigious textiles that have been salvaged from other famous fashion houses. Now you’re talking. The end result is extremely limited edition, couture-inspired, recycled fashion garments for everyday people. Having spent 6 years at Balenciaga customising their couture for celebrities and uber-editors, she has clearly picked up on the attractiveness of scarcity. However this type of scarcity is in terms of production quantity given the inherent limitations of materials, as opposed to than price, which is remarkably affordable. Well, it would be, if I had any money. Sigh………

Eva Zingoni @ Esthetica LFW SS12

So, to sum up:

1. Quality is always better than quantity.

2. Making better, slower fashion choices is good for your pocket AND the environment. Mostly your pocket, but that’s still an eco plus, OK.

3. Eva Zingoni makes really really cool clothes. Hence recycling is cool. Q.E.D.

3a. Check out her website, I do rather like it.

4. I am broke. As per usual.


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