Cos I want to….

The other evening I happened across the Cos Ss12 lookbook while doing a bit of a tidy. On top of that smug feeling you get when you (I) hang all your (my) clothes back in the wardrobe, put all the books back on their shelf and rearrange your makeup and stuff into some semblance of order, I was happy to see this little lookbook. First up I love the fact that it is an object, and a beautiful one at that. While i love the availability of such a multitude of information online, there is something tacitly better about printed images. Especially when the printed images are of such cool clothes. I would be a better person in these outfits. All put together and considered and made up of beautiful pieces. They strike that difficult balance of being serious without being boring, and fun without being flippant. They are, in short, right on the money. There’s also an 90’s style off shoulder neoprene top in forest green that I just can’t get out of my head, it’s delish!!

And finally, someone give me a boy to play dress up with. I really want to know someone who wears this outfit, how Marlon Brando and awesome is it. In fact, their menswear is perhaps even better than their women’s offering, but that debate is for another day.

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