sparkly bras & trashy runners

It’s not exactly a newsflash that the 90’s are back in a major way – they are the new ’80’s. I am old enough to remember when Blossom hats and X-worx were the-coolest-thing-ever in a totally genuine non ironic way, and Morgan de Toi was, like, totally Parisian and chic*, and 2Unlimited were the BESTBANDEVER. Thinking back, I made a lot of fashion mistakes in the ’90’s, even though I never had a Blossom hat.

I djed for the first time in a while over the weekend – my first set in London town. *shameless self promotion alert!!!! if you wanna book me for a gig, holla* As I was prepping my set, I came across a few tracks I had set aside. I can remember loving the tunes at the time, but I am only now realising how epic the videos and the FASHUN were. This is what you miss out on when you are busy being a tomboy in the 90’s. Had I paid as much attention to what they were wearing as I did to what they were singing/playing, I probably still would have become a dj but I could have spared myself some serious fashion disasters. And, probably, three mostly-wasted years in business school…So I guess the moral is, kids, dress like your pop culture references if you want to get ahead in life.**

not so much what the lead singer is wearing here, but more everything else about the video rocks. As does the song…

I pretty much want everything except her dodgy dance moves…Actually, feic it, I’ll have them too for the gas. I had this song on a tape (I believe it was called Greatest Hits of Dance, put out around 1992) and I used to listen to it on loop.

This video is TOO MUCH. I DIE. DIE.

*if you don’t get the references, head over to YouTube to educate your too-young ass, and stop making me feel old. Jeeez.

**this blog does not guarantee that dressing like cultural icons will make you successful. That bit was mostly hyperbole.


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