Dial F for Frumpy

I have been avoiding outfit posts like the plague recently, mostly out of laziness, but also because I felt like I was in a bit of a style rut, and nothing annoys me more than unnecessary, pointless or uninspiring outfit posts.  But I know what nosy monkeys you all are, and I have a bunch of new clothes that I am really delighted, with so here we go I guess!

Since I started my new job (yay) and no longer have to wear one brand all the time, I have re-ignited my love affair with charity shops. And thankfully, they have taken me back with open arms and bountiful supplies of cheap-as goodies. Like this acid lime green bouclé skirt. For £2. And the ’90’s tastic jumper for….£2. And my CryBaby-esque houndstooth blazer for the extortionate sum of £6. The shirtdress is also charity but from before and the hat was a whopping £5 in the Urban Outfitters sale. WINNING.

Me, wearing clothes. And a stroppy face.

As much as part of me wants to gloat at my new wardrobe on a shoestring, another part has a point…I think.

Point #1: I am dressing like a bit of a frump at the moment…Lots of midi lengths and things I am not used to wearing, so I feel like a bit strange. I am trying to power through, and just keep wearing them until I feel like a real girl, telling myself that it’s actually a bit glamorous and chic and ’70’s/’90’s as opposed to bat-shit crazy cat lady frumpy…RIGHT?!

Point #2: Charity shopping is amazing. Who doesn’t love a ridiculous bargain?!! Once you find a good charity shop, TELL NOONE. Ever. Seriously. Not even your best friend. Especially your best friend, actually. That bitch will steal all your £2 bargains quicker than anyone.

Point #3: Sundays are great for the following reasons: friends, coffee, food, and western films. Oh, and pikey rings that remind me of home! 😉

Brigitte Bardot in Shalako (1968).



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